Modern technology is not standing still. Recently, Bluetooth wrist watches that connect to Android devices were presented. With their help, you can control your smartphone (tablet). There are many of such devices, and we cannot say what Bluetooth watch for Android is the best. Let's take a closer look at what it is.


What is Bluetooth watch for Android?

It is multi-functional wrist watch which allows you to manage your Android smartphone (tablet). For this purpose they are equipped with a small touch screen, the size of which is about 1,5 inches (depending on a model). After connecting to your phone, various notices and events are displayed on the screen of the watch. The device is equipped with a slot for memory card up to 4GB.

Bluetooth watch

The main functionality includes the following:

  • Viewing SMS messages, mail and other notifications from social networks.
  • Receiving and making calls to contacts from the phonebook.
  • The display shows the current time and weather.

In addition, with the help of the watch you can perform many other tasks, for example, enable/disable the music and control the music player. This invention has found great popularity all over the world. It is often inconvenient to take a smartphone, unlock it to view or control your audio player. Bluetooth watch for Android devices is another step into the future, which makes user’s life much easier.

This gadget is not only functional and practical, but also has a modern design. Due to the fact that there are so many Bluetooth watch for Android devices on the market, users can choose the design according to their taste. The cost of the gadget can range from 2-3 thousand RUR, up to 20 000-30 000 USD. Of course, there is also the rule: the higher the value, the higher quality and more functionality you get.

Bluetooth watch for Android

How the Bluetooth watch works

Note that as a rule, these watches can work with any Android device. First, you need to pair your phone with gadget. Let’s look at this process on an example of smart Bluetooth watches for Android Motorola Moto 360. Today they occupy a leading position. Of course, the price of such a device is quite high, which is why not everyone can afford such a luxury.

Bluetooth watches Motorola Moto 360

So, in order to pair you need to download and install the application Android Wear. Run it.

Application Android Wear

If the Bluetooth is turned off, the application will ask to enable it.

Enable Bluetooth

After that the system will search for gadgets that are available for connecting. You will be left only to choose the name of your watch from the list.

Connect to watch

Next, follow the instructions on the screen. After pairing, the application will synchronize the data. If you have any difficulties, in the bottom right corner you can click “Connecting assistance”. Clicking on it will take you to a site with detailed instructions.

Connecting assistance

If smart Bluetooth watch for Android is equipped with Wi-Fi adapter, you can enable the synchronization with the cloud in the Android Wear app. In this case, the data  between the watch and the phone will take place via Wi-Fi connection.

Application settings

Synchronization with Cloud

After synchronization, you can configure notifications. That is, you will be able to choose applications, messages from which will be displayed on the watch.

Notifications configuration

Note that the Smart Watch is equipped with an accelerometer, thanks to which the screen of the watch is activated by a small shake-up. In other words, when you raise your hand and turn the gadget to you, the latter automatically turns on the display. This means that you do not need to press the awakening button.

As mentioned above, many companies produce similar devices. They all have differences. Some manufacturers use Gorilla Glass which is resistant to scratches, others apply the usual glass and the cheaper models have plastic screens. Of course, everything depends on the price. The more expensive the device is, the more high-quality and reliable materials you get. For example, Motorola Moto 360 hours have 3rd generation Gorilla Glass and jewelry stainless steel. In addition, the gadget is resistant to brief submersion (less than one meter). But the cost of such a device starts from 12,000 RUR.

Despite the external and functional differences, all Bluetooth wrist watch for Android work on the same principle. The developers simplified the pairing, so you should not have any difficulties. Note that today the Google Play (app store) has more and more programs written specifically for smart hours. Of course, most of them are useless, however, some apps are able to expand the functionality and make use of the Smart Watch more comfortable.

Best Bluetooth watches for Android devices: Video

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