Bluetooth media remote controlPeople who use their PC or laptop as a media center, probably thought about purchasing the remote control. It is not very comfortable to stand up from the couch to pause the movie or change the audio track. In addition, wireless mice do not work correctly on some surfaces, such as plaid. Nevertheless, there is a solution, which does not require any financial costs, if you have an Android smartphone. We are talking about the special app for Android that supports Bluetooth media remote.


What app to use

Today, there are quite a lot of high-quality programs, but not all of them support the Bluetooth interface, so we recommend the Unified Remote application. Actually, its functionality is not limited to the media control, but today we are interested in this part, so we will look at it.

The application has only English interface and it works in pair with the second program that you will need to install on your computer.

Download the app for your smartphone.

The app for the PC.


In this part of the article, we will show you how to implement the media control via Bluetooth for Android.

  1. Install the Unified Remote app on your phone and run it.
  2. When you first open the app, you will see a window with a link to the server version for Windows. At this stage, download the appropriate version to your PC, install and run it.

    Start Unified Remote

  3. On your smartphone, press «I HAVE INSTALLED…».


  4. In the main window, do a swipe to the right to display the settings menu.

    Main Window

  5. Open the «Servers».


    At this stage, you will have to run the downloaded application on your PC and enable the Bluetooth on both devices.

  6. On your smartphone, in the list of available devices, find the name of your PC and click it. If you see two identical names of the PC, select the name that is accompanied by the BT symbol, since we will use the Bluetooth.

    Select the name PC

The setting is complete and you can begin to use the app.

The media control functionality

To control the player on your PC, you will need to select «Media» in the list of available functions.


Once you open this mode, you will see a panel with buttons. Let us speak about them separately.

Seven keys will be available:

  • 3 volume keys («Louder», «Quieter», «Mute the sound»).

    Volume keys

  • 4 buttons that are responsible for the playback («Next file», «Previous», «Stop», «Start/Pause»).

    Player keys

Now, you will be able to watch your favorite movie on your PC while controlling its playback from your phone. Enjoy watching.

Bluetooth media remote control from Android: Video

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