Streaming on Android via BluetoothWe have prepared this article to tell our readers about the possibility of streaming via Bluetooth between devices. We will show how to broadcast multimedia files, as well as explain why you will not be able to stream video via Bluetooth on Android.


Video streaming

Let us start with the theory. If we want to broadcast via Bluetooth, it is necessary to understand that our bitrate of playable files should not exceed the bandwidth the wireless module.

The advantage of Bluetooth is not its high bandwidth, but the low power consumption and ease of use. On some devices, the speed of Bluetooth cannot exceed 1 Mb/s, which is not sufficient for the playback of the video with the normal quality.

Only starting with version 3.0, the highest speed of Bluetooth is 24 Mbit/s. Apparently, because of the limited number of users, this method has not found popularity in the development of programs with such a functionality. Therefore, more technologies have been invented, and they were implemented with Wi-Fi (Miracast and Chromecast). Here, the bandwidth can reach an average of 50 – 150 Mbit s, which will play even videos with a resolution of 4K.

Music streaming

As for audio, the speed of Bluetooth is enough. Therefore, we will show a few ways to broadcast audio files.

Between two smartphones

So in order to perform music streaming to other Android via Bluetooth, you will need to use third-party program that was specifically designed for this goal. It is called Bluetooth Music Player. It is completely free and available in the Google Play. 

  1. Activate the wireless module on two smartphones.
  2. Run the downloaded player on both devices.

    Bluetooth music player

On the server phone

  1. Select «Menu» at the top left of the screen.


  2. Click «Player mode».

    Player mode

  3. Choose «shareMUSIC».


  4. After that, in the «Menu», open the «Music Library», to open the list of songs.

    Music Library

  5. Click the title of the audio file to start playing.

    Chose audio

On the second smartphone

  1. In the main window of the player, click «Menu».


  2. Choose «Player mode».

    Player mode

  3. Activate the «listenMUSIC» mode.


  4. In the list of devices, select the name of the server phone.

    Select device

  5. This will open a window with information about the currently playing track. Press «mute» to start playing the track on your device.


From the phone on the PC

Audio Streaming from Android on the PC via Bluetooth is implemented by the standard method on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (except Windows 10 c update for September 2015). In addition, there are third-party programs that work through BT and Wi-Fi.

The sequence of actions:

  1. Activate the wireless module on the phone and on your PC.
  2. On the PC, open the "Control Panel".
  3. Select the category "Hardware and Sound".
  4. Next, click "Devices and Printers".
  5. Click "Add a device" and wait for the name of your smartphone in the found devices.

    Add a device

  6. Select the name of your smartphone and click "Next" to add it and pair it.


  7. Then, in the list of the devices, click twice the name of your smartphone.

    Smartfone properties

  8. In the new window, click "Connect" in front of the "To use PC’s speakers to listen to stereo …".


  9. Your phone will see the PC as an ordinary headset, and when playing music through a standard player, the sound will be played on the computer.

From the PC to the phone

Audio streaming from PC to Android via Bluetooth is not supported by standard methods by Microsoft. We did not find any program that could play an audio stream from your PC on your phone via Bluetooth. On the other hand, there are alternatives that work via Wi-Fi.

Media files streaming on Android via Bluetooth: Video

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