Bluetooth auto scanner for AndroidIn this article, we will talk about the Bluetooth auto scanner for Android, which is working on the ELM327 chip. We will talk about is advantages, functionality and apps that it is able to work with.



All modern cars have the self-diagnostic system that informs the driver about the state of the vehicle and says if any block started to work incorrectly. Admit that it is very convenient: you will not have to spend a lot of money for the diagnostics on the service station.

If your car is not equipped with this useful functionality, this problem can be easily resolved by purchasing the Bluetooth auto diagnostic instrument for Android that is working on the ELM327 chip.

If you have such a device, you can connect almost any new car to the tablet or phone and perform a diagnostics “in the field”. In addition, you will be able to use your phone/tablet as a portable on-board computer, because you will be able to receive information about the fuel consumption, engine load, power, speed and condition of the fuel system.

Choosing the program

Next, we will tell about a couple of good applications that are used for vehicle diagnostics via Bluetooth for Android.


This app is the most functional. Its functionality can replace the on-board computer.

The functionality of the application:

  1. Saving your travel routes with sensor readings and fuel consumption.
  2. Testing the actuating devices.
  3. Reading and erasing errors from the electronic control unit of the car.

This program is easy to master, even for people that are far away from technology.



This app is less popular, but yet very good. Its functionality is slightly smaller than the previous one has, but it successfully performs the basic functions:

  1. Displaying the readings of all parameters of the sensor.
  2. Diagnosing and removing errors from the electronic control unit.


OBD Auto Doctor

This app is new, but it is constantly developing. It has quite a rich functionality:

  1. Finding errors and their decoding.
  2. Erasing data from the electronic control unit (disabling the MIL indicator).
  3. Monitoring the vehicle parameters in real time.
  4. Engine speed.
  5. Fuel consumption (long-term).
  6. The position of the throttle.
  7. The state of the fuel system.
  8. The temperature of the engine coolant.
  9. The load of the engine.
  10. The temperature of the intake air.
  11. The ignition advance.
  12. Absolute air pressure.
  13. The speed of the car.
  14. The mass airflow.
  15. The fuel pressure.
  16. Correction of the engine operation mode.

This functional can be extended or curtailed depending on the brand of the car.

OBD Auto Doctor

EconTool ELM327 for Nissan

This application is designed for the Nissan cars that operate on the old Consult protocol and do not support the OBD 2 standard.

The program has the following functions:

  1. The update time of the settings.
  2. The mains voltage.
  3. The engine speed.
  4. Different modes of tracking the fuel consumption.
  5. The air consumption.
  6. The temperature of the cooling liquid.
  7. The injection time.
  8. The ignition advance.
  9. Correction of the fuel.
  10. The position of the throttle position sensor and idle air control valve.
  11. The voltage of the mass sensor, throttle position sensor and other units.

In addition, using the application, you will be able to measure the fuel consumption.

EconTool ELM327 for Nissan


This application will become very handy for domestic cars owners. The product supports the VAZ key blocks, this makes it possible to make a full diagnostic of the car via the smartphone (the firmware version of the adapter must be the 1.5th).



This software will be useful for Toyota and Lexus owners. It will help to diagnose the Japanese, American and European car models directly from your mobile devices (the firmware version of the adapter must be the 1.5th).

ELMScan Toyota


This software has an impressive functionality, but you can appreciate it fully only in the paid version of the application. The free version has many limitations. It also supports the Russian vehicles.


Any of these programs will carry out a full diagnostics. You are to choose the desired app. Try to use several applications, and then select the program you liked the most.

How to choose the Bluetooth auto scanner for Android: Video

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