Today we will tell you about the Bluetooth car kits for Android, designed for the phone conversations without being distracted by the smartphone while driving. This solution reduces the risk of accidents during a phone conversation while driving.


Why you should pay attention to the car kits

According to the statistics, up to 10% of accidents occur when drivers are talking on the smartphone while driving. In addition, there are rules and penalties for drivers if they hold the phone near the ear while driving. Therefore, some people use Bluetooth headset that is worn on the ear, but it is not comfortable for everyone. Some people cannot use a headset, because they do not like the feeling of something attached to their ear, or the auricle gets tired from long calls via the headset. The Bluetooth car kits for Android can become a solution. They work as an earphone, but the conversation can be heard on the speakerphone, which is very convenient for the driver. Here, we will talk about the different types and purposes of such kits.

Bluetooth car kits

More information about the car kit

The car kit for conversation is a device that can be used to talk on the smartphone without holding the device at the ear. In this case, the car dynamics and special microphone will be used.

We will talk about the universal kits that can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. This solution is very convenient, because you can connect any modern phone in this way.

These car kits can be divided into two groups:

  1. Built-in.
  2. Portable.

Built-in kits

First, we will tell you about the first group.

As the name suggests, such devices require professional installation. They can also be divided into two connection options.

  • Connected to a common power grid of the car.
  • Powered by the cigarette lighter socket.

In addition, they differ in design features:

  1. This type has a main built-in block and a microphone with a speaker that is situated in the salon. The speaker is used to transmit the sound of the interlocutor so as not to use the car multimedia system.
  2. The second type may have built-in block and only external microphone. It differs from the previous one by the fact that the block is connected to the player (CD receiver), and the sound of the interlocutor is not transmitted via the special dynamic. It is played through the sound system of the salon.
  3. The latter type has the main block, which already has the Bluetooth compatible CD receiver and a microphone, which is situated in the salon. It may happen that the microphone is also built into the receiver. Sound is then transmitted through the audio system, which is connected to the main block.

Third type

As you may have guessed, in the last two types the sound of the interlocutor will be qualitative, because it will be played by the built-in sound system in the salon. Because of the construction of the blocks, it is possible to increase the functionality of such a system. In addition, some of these sets have rich functionality with touchscreens that can display the status of a call, phone book, signal strength, call log, and have the function that mutes the player during a call automatically.


Despite all the advantages of systems that need to be installed, portable devices are still more versatile. Such kits have additional convenient features, such as:

  • Lowering the level of noise.
  • Voice dialing.
  • Headset and Hands-Free profiles.
  • Full duplex mode (you can talk and listen at the same time).


Portable solutions can be divided into:

  1. Energy-dependent.
  2. Portable.

Both types are equipped with special fasteners for fixation that willow you not to modify the surface of the salon.

The first type uses the car battery (cigarette lighter) to work.

With fasteners

Portable devices have their own battery, and are not tied to the attaching point. They can be used not only in the car, but also in the office or at home.

With Battery

There are also unique types of such kits. For example, there are overlay mirrors with Bluetooth and Hands-Free, where the name of the caller is displayed in the rear view mirror.

Mirror view

All types are connected to the smartphone as a wireless headset; some of them are displayed as a regular headset in the menu of the smartphone, so you should have no problems with the connection.

Among the producers, pay attention to the following manufacturers that have popular models of such units:

  • Caron
  • Celleden
  • EasyTone
  • Goeretek
  • Jabra
  • Sony
  • Parrot
  • Motorola

We hope that our article will help you to choose a specific type of the device.

Bluetooth car kits for Android: Video

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