Speaker of the car via BluetoothOwners of the Volkswagen Passat, which is equipped with the Nokia Bluetooth block, know that only Finnish devices usually support the rsap protocol. The rsap protocol is a speakerphone in a car that allows calls via embedded devices; in such a case, the smartphone is used as the phone book. We found a solution on how to make a Bluetooth rsap connection via Android-devices.


Setting up the phone

You need to have the ROOT rights to set the phone up successfully. These rights can be received using different methods, depending on the model:

  • by activating it in the settings;
  • using the PC and special software;
  • using mobile apps.

You can find information about receiving the ROOT rights on specialized forums about your smartphone model.


Before getting started, make sure that Bluetooth is disabled on your phone. If it is not, turn it off.

  1. Install the file installer for the system.
  2. When you run the downloaded program, you will be allowed to perform only one action – «install/update the system files». Press it to start copying the data. After that, your phone will reboot.

Note: if the Bluetooth has not turned on after this operation, you may have forgot to turn it off before copying the new files. To fix it, you will need to launch the installer again, remove files using it, reboot the device, disable the Bluetooth and repeat the step 2 again.

The second solution: two libraries for one module may be the reason why it does not work. They can conflict with each other. To resolve this problem, you will need to remove one of the files manually.

Removing the unnecessary library

If your Bluetooth turns on, skip this step.

  1. Install the «ES explorer» on your phone.
  2. Activate the «Root explorer» mode. To do this, make a swipe from left to right to open the additional menu. In «Tools» menu, activate the «Root explorer».

    Write Swipe

    Activate Root explorer

  3. After that, go to /system/lib/hw».
  4. In the «hw» folder, you will see two libraries, for example, «Bluetooth.default.so» and «Bluetooth.MT92_S8.so (the name depends on the processor). Rename the extension of the second file to the *.so_bu.

    Way system/lib/hw

  5. You can activate the Bluetooth.

Installing the app to connect to the car

Let’s install the app:

  1.  Install the trial version of the SIM Access on your device. This version needs to be restarted every 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can buy the full version.
  2. After starting the program, select the SIM card (if there are two of them). Choose the main SIM card, because the program supports only one card and if you change it, the car will perceive this as a profile change, and there will be failures.
  3. After that, start searching the phone. Enter the PIN of the connection on the smartphone to pair the car and the phone.
  4. The phone book will be imported from Android.

Contacts on the panel

Phone book

If you managed to pair the phone with the car via rsap protocol and everything worked correctly, you can think about getting the paid version of the app.

What do we get when using this software

We will tell about the strengths and weaknesses of this program.


  • There is a slide-out keyboard.
  • You so not need to buy extra stuff.
  • Theoretically, the communication quality will improve, because the antenna of the car (it is larger than the smartphone’s) will be used.


  • When the SIM card is connected to the car, it turns off in your smartphone. The GSM module of the car starts working with it. Therefore, when it is connected, you will not be able to use this number (for example, to access the Internet).
  • There is no possibility to switch the call to the speaker of the smartphone, because it does not have the access to the SIM card (it is uncomfortable if you are not alone in the car and you so not want other people to listen to your conversations. You will need to make calls later).
  • When the phone and the car are pairing, your number is «out of range». When the devices are connecting, nobody will be able to call you for several seconds.
  • Not all contacts from the address book are imported to the car (paid version removes this disadvantage).

After performing the described manipulations, you will get a full hands-free talking in your car with received/missed /dialed numbers support.

Phone in the system

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