Connected via BluetoothToday, there are many applications to manage your smartphone from your PC. Today, we will find out, what application can be used to synchronize Android via Bluetooth.


Why it is convenient

There are cases when there is a need to manage your phone from a laptop or desktop computer. There are special applications that will help us to solve this problem. You will have such an opportunities:

  • Synchronization with Lotus Notes, Outlook, Tobit David, Thunderbird, calendar and Windows contacts.
  • Managing programs, call logs, SMS, files, and the ability to make a call or a backup.

Utilities for synchronization

Let's consider a sync manager application for Android that allows to synchronize via Bluetooth. We offer you a well-known MyPhoneExplorer application. This utility was previously created only for Sony Ericsson phones, but now it is upgraded for the Android platform.

To use it, you will need to download and install the mobile client and a program for the PC. The connection will be carried out via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Smartphone software can be downloaded from the Google Play. 

The computer program can be downloaded here. 

Instructions for installation and operation

To get started, download and install the client applications on your devices (links above).

Actions on the PC:

  1. After starting the program, select the language and click "OK".


  2. Specify the installation options, click "Next".


  3. Next, agree with the terms by clicking "I Agree".

    I Agree

  4. Specify the installation location and start the installation by pressing "Install".


  5. Wait a couple of seconds until the installation is complete.

    Installation complete

  6. To close the installer, click "Finish".


  7. The program menu will open.


Actions on the phone:

  1. Run MyPhoneExplorer.


  2. Select the type of connection by clicking «Bluetooth».


Using Windows tools, pair your PC and device. Then, follow the instructions to perform the synchronization:

  1. In the menu, go to "File".


  2. Click "Connect".


  3. Next, specify the type of connection. In our case, choose «Bluetooth».


  4. Read the instructions and agree to open a new window.


  5. Wait a few seconds until the sync happens.


  6. Your smartphone will display “Connected via Bluetooth”.

    Connected via Bluetooth

Now you can view your calls, contacts, calendar, messages, files, and monitor the state of the system, check the memory status and notifications.

Android sync via Bluetooth: Video

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