Progress is now present everywhere, even in places where it was not expected. For example, today we will talk about Bluetooth toys for Android and Apple devices. In this article, you will learn about the usefulness and advantages of such gadgets. In addition, you will find out, why some users will find Bluetooth toys more convenient than the conventional radio-controlled devices.


The usefulness

The progress in this sphere is intended to entertain the user, but not to help him. Such toys are able to diversify the gray days and cheer up. Today, you can find both simple and unique Bluetooth gadgets on the market.

Simple gadgets

This type includes all sorts of radio-controlled toy cars, which differ only in the fact that now they do not need a special remote control. Instead of it, you can use your smartphone or tablet. Of course, it is not so comfortable to control the car using the sensor display, because you cannot feel the buttons.

Bluetooth avto

Let us tell you about the advantages. The gadget takes up less space during transportation, because the remote control is not needed. In addition, you will not need to worry that the remote may break or get lost, – gadget can be controlled from any smartphone that has a special installed application.

Bluetooth helicopter

Unique (SMART) gadgets

These devices are more diverse and have interesting entertaining functional. These include all kinds of intelligent robots that can execute commands (bring, take), or any original devices in a form of a small ball. You can find a huge assortment of such toys in online stores.

Bluetooth robot

We want to talk about such a toys using the Sphero ball as an example.


The Sphero device is positioned as an object of entertainment for you and your pet, for example, your cat. This ball has a nice backlight, which will not allow you to lose it. It is made of strong plastic, so that your pet will not be able to scratch it or bite it. The gadget has a camera that can record the video and transfer it to a smartphone, in whose memory it is saved. The device is powered by a built-in battery and is charged by a special charging station, which is supplied.

The developers have already created three apps for this ball:

  1. Performing the sphere movement.
  2. Following the given route.
  3. Playing golf. Set the direction and force of impact, and the ball will follow your guidance.

Programm for ball

As you can see, the toy is controlled from the smartphone that is paired with the gadget via Bluetooth. The control is performed via the touchscreen on the display, or via the orientation sensors (tilting the phone in the desired direction).

Example of use

If you did not understand how to connect such a toy to the smartphone or tablet, here is the algorithm of connecting and getting it ready to use:

Bluetooth robot

  1. Turn on the toy.
  2. Open the instruction and find out how to activate the detection mode of the Bluetooth. (Usually some kind of button is responsible for this, and it is necessary to press it or hold it for a while).
  3. After enabling the detection mode, open the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone and scan for the devices that are available for connection.
  4. In the list of found devices, click the name of your gadget to make a pair.
  5. The connection is completed. Next, you will need to figure out how to control your toy.
  6. The instruction must specify the name or a link to a special application for this purpose. Follow this link or search the app in the Google Play and install it on your smartphone.

After these steps, the toy and your smartphone are paired. Start controlling your device intuitively or follow the instruction.

Bluetooth toys for Android: Video

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