Multiplayer games on Android via BluetoothAt a boring meeting or in the long road, you can have fun with your friends by playing games on your smartphones together. There are many of these games, so that you can choose something according to your taste. In this article, we will tell you about the multiplayer games on Android via Bluetooth and demonstrate the process of creating such a game. As an example, we will play the «Sea Battle».


The advantages of Bluetooth multiplayer games

The Bluetooth multiplayer games on Android differ from the simple multiplayer ones. The latter require the active Internet connection (to the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi network), but it may not always be at hand. The Bluetooth games do not require the Internet: both devices must be equipped with the wireless module to allow you and your friend to play together. You will agree that nowadays it is hard to find a smartphone or tablet that does not have the Bluetooth.

Games for 2 players

How to find the apps

Not every shooter, arcade or race game supports the Bluetooth multiplayer, so you will need to search for the games using a specific request. For example, open one of your favorite search engine (Google, Yandex, Rambler etc.) and enter a text like «Bluetooth multiplayer apps for Android». As a result, you will find a variety of specialized sites with such applications.

In our case, it will be better to use external sources instead of searching games in the Google Play, because not every game that the market will find will support the Bluetooth multiplayer. On special portals, you can find a separate «Bluetooth» category, which will include only games that support the desired genre.

Special portal list

Special portal

The example of configuration

If you do not want to download anything from unknown services, you can find checkers, chess, tic-tac-toe and «Sea battle» in the Google Play. These are one of the most popular products in this genre. For our example, we took the «Sea battle», which is available at this link.

How to configure:

  1. Install the game on your and friend’s device.I


  2. Activate the wireless module on both devices.
  3. Run the downloaded game.


  4. Optional: at the first start, you can click the gear icon and change the difficulty level and the language.


  5. Press «Play» to start.


  6. Choose «Bluetooth battle».


  7. Specify the mode: Classic or Advanced.


  8. If you did not perform the second step, the system will ask for a permission to activate the wireless module. Press «Allow».


  9. On the second device, repeat all of the above steps and enable the visibility of the device in the Bluetooth settings.

    Device visible

  10. On the one of the devices, choose «Show me». On the second device, click «Scan».


  11. On the second device (where we pressed «Scan»), click «Scan for devices» and choose the name of your friend’s device.

    Search devices

  12. Confirm the connection by pressing «Pair».


  13. You can start playing the game.


This completes the setting. It does not matter, what game you want to play, – you will need to perform approximately the same actions in future.

Games with Bluetooth multiplayer on Android: Video

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