You can spend a fun time together with your friend even playing on the phone, if you use the games via Bluetooth for Android. Today there are many games, and everyone can choose something for himself or herself.


What to choose

We will look at only the best games via Bluetooth for Android, which will interest everyone. In order to find a game for two in the Google Play, you should write "games for two via Bluetooth» in the search box; as a result, you will see a huge list of such games.

Play for two

You can choose table hockey, chess and checkers, well-known noughts and crosses and sea battle. In addition, you can check your logic, reaction and memory. In general, you will find a lot of entertainment worthy of attention. We will look at a couple of the most popular games, as well as how to install them and play together with a partner.

We have known the “Sea Battle” game from childhood, but there is no need to look for a piece of paper, paint the field and place the ships: everything is already done for you. You can install it by clicking the link.

To play, it is necessary to do the following:

  1. Install the application by clicking "Install".


  2. Start it by clicking "Open".


  3. First, click the gear in the upper left corner to select the level of difficulty, as well as to change the language. To return to the main menu, press "Back".


  4. To start, click "Play".


  5. Select the type: we are interested in "Bluetooth battle".


  6. Select the mode: Advanced or classic.


  7. The application will ask for permission to turn on the wireless module – click "Allow".


  8. On the second device, you must repeat all the previous steps and activate the wireless data communication module, as well as to enable the detection.

    Device visible

  9. On the first device, click "Show me", and on the second, – press "Scan".


  10. To search, click "Scan for devices". Specify the required device.

    Search devices

  11. Confirm your request to enable the module and to make your phone always visible to others by clicking "Yes".


  12. Confirm the connection by pressing "Pair".


You can start playing.


A method to send the game

If your friend liked the game on your device, you can easily share it with him by sending it via Bluetooth to the Android device. You can do this using the “EsExplorer”: download and install it from the Google Play.

Your actions:

  1. Start the Explorer by clicking "Open".

    Es open

  2. In the upper left corner, click the menu and you will get to the fast access mode.


  3. Click «Apps» to see all the installed applications.


  4. Look for the desired application and make a long tap on its name. Make sure that the icon lighted up.


  5. On the bottom panel, select "Share".


  6. Specify how to send it: in this case, select «Bluetooth».

    Send as

  7. In the "Available Devices", select the required device.

    Choose device send

  8. The game will be sent.

    Send game

Games via Bluetooth for Android: Video

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