Range of Bluetooth on Android

In this article, we will talk about the range of Bluetooth on Android. Some users may not like their range of Bluetooth module (for example, when you are at home and the phone is behind three walls, your headset loses the connection to your smartphone). In such cases, many people are looking for a solution to this problem, trying to find a way to extend the range of Bluetooth on Android. We will talk about this in more detail in this article.



The receiver works in the 2.4 – 2.48 GHz frequency range. It operates as a conventional radio communication, and the data transfer rate (depending on the version of the receiver) may reach from 721 Kb/s (in the version 1.1) to 24 MB/s (in the versions 3.0 – 4.0).

The distance, at which the information can be exchanged, can reach 50 meters, if the devices are in direct line of sight of each other, and 10-20 meters in buildings.

Although the manufacturer claims that version 3.0 of the module can reach up to 100 m, but the conditions have to be ideal. In fact, the range is at least 2 times less (about 50 meters in the direct line of sight).

If talking about strengthening the frequency on the module of the smartphone, this option does not always solve the problem, because the connection between the devices depends on both modules. To make it clear: even if you will extend the range of the phone, then the radius of the safe work with your headset will remain in the same, due to the fact that the headset is able to find a smartphone at the same frequency as before.

The phone will be able to detect the headset at a greater distance than before, and perhaps you will be able to pair the devices, but the distance will not increase. Maybe your voice from the microphone will reach the phone, but you will not hear the companion, or vice versa.

You will see the following situation: the phone will be able to download the data from the headset, but the headset will not have not enough range of its module.

Therefore, if you want to increase the range of operation, you have to work with two devices.

What do we need

Theoretically, to enhance the Bluetooth, we will just need to apply more power to the module: we expect that there should be some kind of a program, (for example, “Bluetooth range extender for Android”), which will work with ROOT privileges and do everything in a couple of clicks… However, such a program does not exist.

It is impossible to calculate the amplification parameters suitable for all types of modules.

The situation is the same as with firmware: each device has its own firmware and there is no universal firmware for all devices. That is because the parameters of OS store the information about the individual parameters for the particular components that will provide the proper work of your smartphone.

As an option, it is possible to expand the range by adding an antenna. If this approach can still be suggested on a stationary PC (there is a physical space where you can add this antenna), this method is simply inappropriate in a situation with a smartphone.

Bluetooth Antenna

The last method, which is the most successful in our opinion, is to purchase a special flash card with built-in Bluetooth receiver. Such cards are similar to the normal SD-cards, they have different formats, and they have a communication module (or Wi-Fi).

Initially, these cards were created for devices that had no built-in module, but in our case, we advise you to try to insert it. Perhaps, the Bluetooth in the card will be more sensitive than the one that is built into your device. There is a possibility that the module of the card will have a new version, so the radius of action will be greater.

Bluetooth card

Bluetooth cards

It is very simple to connect the receiver. You need to put on the place of the usual SD-card, after which the system will do everything itself (load the appropriate drivers etc.), then the parameters of the new Bluetooth device should appear in the settings.

These cards are not easy to find in our country, so we advise to search them at the famous Chinese website.

We hope that our article helped you solve your problem, or, on the contrary, justified the need to accept the situation as it is.

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