Problems of BluetoothIn this article, we want to talk about some problems with the Bluetooth connection on Android devices. Considering the most common user requests, we will talk about the problems associated with pairing the smartphone with the wireless headset. We will analyze several situations and offer the solution for each of them to eliminate these inconveniences.


Connection problems

When users purchase a new headset, they cannot connect the device via Bluetooth on Android, and they often face this problem when they pair the headset with a phone for the first time. The headset is fully charged and turned on, but the smartphone cannot detect it.

The fact is that the detection mode on the headset needs to be enabled to allow the connection to the phone or other device. Some firms program their headphones to enable this mode automatically if the headphones are turned on for the first time.

Nevertheless, what if the developer have not provided this function or the device has already been connected to another phone previously?

As we have mentioned above, the detection mode can be activated manually on all types of headsets. Typically, this is done by pressing the call button for a long time (10 seconds and more), after which the indicator should glow or flash with different colors (depending on the model). We advise you to specify how to enable this setting in the manual that comes with the device.

First connection

Next, we want to show how to connect your headset to your phone.

  1. On your phone, go to the settings.


  2. Choose «Bluetooth».

    Choose «Bluetooth»

  3. At this stage, you need to activate the wireless module on your smartphone. To do this, move the slider, which is located at the top right, to the active state.

    Bluetooth On

  4. Turn on your headset, and put it into visible mode according to the instruction. If you do not have the instruction, see the tip above.
  5. On your phone, click "Search for devices" and wait for the scan.

    Search for devices

  6. Among the discovered devices, find the name of your headset (usually, the name is the model) and click it.


  7. Many developers set the password request during the first pairing. Usually it consists of 0000. However, the password can be different; see the exact password in the user guide for your model.

After these steps, both devices must be connected to each other. Now you can make voice calls via the headset.

Unstable connection

Now, we will solve the problem when your Bluetooth is not holding the connection to Android, that is, when you face the problem of the frequent disconnection. Note that the problem may occur because of failures of any of the two devices, so we will look at how to resolve this fault in your smartphone or tablet.

You will be unable to solve this problem by standard methods, as the system does not have the appropriate settings of Bluetooth-module, so we offer to use a third-party application.

We recommend paying attention to a program called Bluetooth Fix Repair. Its principle of operation is the correction of any deviations in the system settings of the wireless module. The program contains the parameters that are responsible for the correct operation of the Bluetooth. After the launch, it scans the settings on your smartphone. If the program finds any abnormalities in the system files, it will correct them, and after that, the wireless module will function as intended. The program requires ROOT rights.

The app is free and easy to use. It can be downloaded from the Google Play.

At the next stage, we will show how to use this application:

  1. Start the Fix Repair.
  2. Agree to provide the ROOT rights.
  3. You will see a green Android robot.

    Click me

  4. Tap it to start the application functioning.


  5. Wait until the end of the procedure, and then close the app.

After all these steps, your module should work correctly.

How to solve the problems of Bluetooth connection on Android: Video

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