LogoIn this article, we will tell you about the app which is called G-NetTrack Pro. This app will be helpful for professionals or radio enthusiasts, who want to learn more about the network. In addition, it can be used by travelers to make the representation of their route. If you are interested in it, keep reading.


The features of the app

The G-NetTrack is a monitor of a wireless network and test tool for Android devices. The program offer to monitor and log the parameters of the mobile network or track text messages, and you’ll not need to exploit specialized equipment. This program works with the GSM, UMTS, EVDO, LTE and CDMA networks. The program’s interface has universal design; it is very simple and understandable. You’re allowed to track down the base station of your smartphone or find the standard of your operator’s network easily.

Here is a link to download the app. This is a paid version. There’s also G-NetTrack Lite, but it has restriction of access to some features, such as 3D map building and SMS test.

The functions of the application include:

  1. Measurements (both indoor and outdoor). The measurements are made on different types of the 3D maps with 3D buildings. The maps are cached. The indoor mode turns on if the user is in the places with bad GPS reception (for example, tunnels).
  2. Logging the results and saving them in .kml format or in text files. The measurements are recorded in the log files, and user’s allowed to import or export them in the text or .kml files. Also, they can be sent online to the G-NetWorld database.
  3. Automatic test of the data, voice or SMS sequences.

The program monitors incoming SMS messages to process or record them.

Using the application, you can easily solve the following network problems:

  • the bad coverage of the network;
  • low data capacity (uplink or downlink);
  • frequent service interruptions;
  • lack or absence of dominant server;
  • weak 3G coverage;
  • dropped or blocked calls.

What information can be received

The G-NetTrack Pro has five tabs (CELL, NEI, MAP, INFO, DRIVE). They contain different useful information. Let’s consider each tab in details.


This tab shows geographical and network information. In addition, it demonstrates history log of the user’s serving status (information about the codes of the country, mobile network, location area, the serving cell’s ID, current signal strength, signal quality, data transfer speed etc.).

Cell tab


The NEI tab contains information about the measurements of the neighbor cells. It has two tables:

  1. Serving status table. It shows the current serving cell’s ID and its level of the signal.
  2. Neighbor cells table. It contains information about the neighbor serving status and their levels.

Note that not all phones report the information about neighbor serving cells. Here you can verify your phone, does it support the measurements or not.

Nei tab


This tab presents a map with the mobile network base stations and geographical location of measurements. In the first row, user can find the information about the actual technology, layer of the cell, characteristics of the current cell, measurements of its quality and level. The second row shows info about the distance to the cell.

Map tab


In this tab, you can find out the current operator, IMEI, device’s manufacturer and its model, app version and other info.


The DRIVE tab contains the info about the main cells in comfortable format (the information is presented with the big font letters).


Today, we have told you about the useful G-NetTrack app that will be interesting mainly for experienced users and professionals. It contains huge amount of information that can help in solving several important problems related to the network.

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