The address of the hardware is one of the identifiers of your device. If you know this information, you can fine-tune a variety of functions related to Bluetooth. Therefore, we will show you where you can see the address of your wireless module, and what to do if the Bluetooth address is not available on the Android.


Viewing the address

To find this address, you will not need any third-party applications: it can be done via the settings menu in just a few clicks. Perform the following steps:

  1. Open the settings on your smartphone/tablet.


    Scroll down to the bottom and click "About phone""About tablet" or "About device" (depending on what type of device you are using and what version of the operating system you have installed).

    About phone

  2. Click "Hardware information".

    Hardware information

  3. In the new window in the line «Bluetooth Address», you will see it as an XX:XX:XXXX:XX:XX (X are numbers or capital letters).

    Address Bluetooth

If the address is unavailable

If you have completed all the above steps, but it says "Unavailable" instead of the code, this means that you have disabled the Bluetooth module. As you can see, the address can only be assigned to the active module. Therefore, activate it using one of two ways


The first method

  1. Without closing the window with the information, make a swipe from top of the screen to the bottom to open the notification curtain.

    Swipe down

  2. Click the «Bluetooth» icon and wait for the switch to change the color. This will mean that the module is enabled.

    Click the «Bluetooth»

  3. Close the curtain by making a swipe from the bottom to top. Now, the code should appear.

    Swipe up

    Address Bluetooth

The second method

  1. Go to the home screen.
  2. Go to the settings of the device.


  3. Choose «Bluetooth».

    Choose «Bluetooth»

  4. Click the slider at the top right of the screen and wait until it changes the color.

    Bluetooth On

  5. Return to the hardware information. The desired code should appear.

    Address Bluetooth

If after all these steps the desired result was not achieved, the problem is in the firmware or in the module. There can be many reasons, and one of the easiest ways to fix the problem is to do the factory reset.

How to view the Bluetooth address on Android: Video

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