Today, Google Play can offer a large selection of applications that simplify the work with your smartphone. There is a Bluetooth widget for Android, which will expand the functionality of the device. The Bluetooth Widget utility is available for free on Google Play. You can download it here.


The principle of the installation

Using the above mentioned utility, you can get quick access to settings by placing an icon on the desktop.

To do this, follow these steps on your device:

  1. Download and install the app.

    Bluetooth install

  2. Agree with the requirements.


  3. Click “Open”. This opens a window where you will see a description and the stages of the installation.


    Bluetooth Widget degree

  4. Go to your desktop by clicking "Home".
  5. Make a long tap on an empty space.

    Bluetooth Widget add

  6. Choose the tab "Widgets". In the list of existing widgets, choose the necessary one and drag it to the convenient location of the desktop.

    Drag Bluetooth Widget

  7. Customize the visual style by selecting it from the offered options.


  8. Set the transparency of the widget using a special slider. 

    Bluetooth Widget Visible

  9. Click "Create a widget".

To turn the wireless module on, you will need to click the program icon. You will see the message about turning on.

Bluetooth widget On

To disable this feature, just click the icon, and then you will see the corresponding message too.

Bluetooth widget Off

Other instruments

There is a large selection of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth widgets for Android to suit every taste. Functionality is the same, but there may be slight differences. In addition, some of them may offer settings to create a visual design of the icons.

Quick geolocation control

We would like to suggest you a “GPS ONOFF” utility, which can activate and deactivate the GPS module in just one click. You can download it here.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install and open the application.

    GPS install

    Open GPS

    GPS Accept

  2. In the new window you will see the installation guide. Click "Home".

    GPS instractions

  3. Make a long tap on the screen and select "Widgets".

    Add GPS

  4. Drag the icon to an empty area of the desktop.
  5. Enter the name of the icon.

    GPS Name

To enable or disable the GPS, click on the icon again. In the active mode, the slider will be green, and when the GPS is off it will be red.



Controlling the Wi-Fi from the desktop

There is one more convenient and effective tool, which will provide quick access to enabling or disabling the Wi-Fi.Download link is provided here.

Installation procedure

  1. Download and open «Wi-Fi Widget».

    Wi-Fi install

    Wi-Fi accept

  2. Go to the main window and add an icon to your desktop using the standard method.

    ​ Wi-Fi add

  3. To activate the feature, you must click the icon and it will change its color to blue.If the mode is off, the color will be red.

    Wi-Fi On

    Wi-Fi Off

You will also be able to see the information about the data transfer rate and IP address.

In this article, we reviewed Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth widgets for Android, which will be very useful and will be able to speed up the work with your device.

Bluetooth and other widgets for Android: Video

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