This article will show you how to make several Bluetooth connections on Android devices, because before buying a particular mobile device people are wondering whether they can pair multiple devices, and if so, how to implement it.


The problem

Most often, this question is asked by people who want to buy a tablet running Android, and they want to use it such as a full-fledged laptop. They want to perform multiple connections via Bluetooth on Android, connect a wireless keyboard and mouse, and in some cases the headset to communicate using 3G tablets. They want to make quite a comfortable working device. Therefore, the question arises, whether these devices will work together. Even if there is such an opportunity, people want to know if there will be enough bandwidth of the Bluetooth module of the tablet, if everything will work at the same time without glitches and delays. Next, we will try to give a few helpful tips on how and to what devices you can connect multiple devices via Bluetooth on Android to work comfortable.

Tips to connect

The mobile operating system from Google supports the work with several simultaneously connected gadgets, so there is no problem in the software part of the system. As for hardware, the multiple connection is supported from the version 1.2, so make sure that the device’s module meets this requirement.

How many Bluetooth devices can be connected to Android for everything to work smoothly? It depends on which version of the module is installed, because the older hardware version is, the higher is the bandwidth, and the more devices you can connect at the same time without glitches and delays. In 2015, almost all smartphones and tablets have modules with versions 4.0 and higher that support HID profile. Such a device allows working of 28 simultaneous interfaces without problems; we think that nobody needs more.

Note: all of the above refers only to peripheral devices. If you want to work directly with the two, for example, smartphones, even though you will be able to make simultaneous pairing, you will have to send and receive files only one by one. Parallel data transfer is not supported.


To connect a new gadget to Android, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings" in the menu of the device.


  2. Select «Bluetooth».


  3. Activate the wireless module by moving the slider in the top right corner of the display.

    Activate the wireless module

  4. Next, click the "Search", but previously activate the wireless gadget and enable the detection on it.


  5. Among the found devices, click on the name of the device you want to pair.

    Click on the name of the device

  6. In some cases, it is necessary to confirm a connection request, for example, when pairing with otherAndroidorWindowsdevice.

    Confirm a connection request

You can connect the next gadget similarly to the step 3.

Multiple Bluetooth connections on Android: Video

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