PasskeyIn this topic, we will provide you the information about the new product, which may soon be commercially sold. Many advanced people will like it because this item was created to simplify the procedure of opening and closing the front doors. So our theme is a clever passkey (lock) “Qrio” that can be controlled from Android via Bluetooth.


Some words about the design of the new item

This gadget is being designed by specialists of Qrio Ltd, which is collaborating with Sony and World Innovation Lab. 

Qrio Ltd

The company claims that it is the smallest Bluetooth passkey in the world. It consists of an aluminum, so the product can be securely fastened to the door.

Smart passkey

The kit includes 4 lithium CR123A batteries and the device can work up to 1000 days in offline mode.

Lithium batterie

How to control the gadget

You will not need to have special tools, skills and experience to install the device. In the apartment, the gadget is attached on top of the classic mechanical lock.

Electronic lock receives a signal from a smartphone of the apartment owner or other authorized persons. The phone connects via Bluetooth connection, and that allows to unlock/lock doors remotely, without the physical key.

How to control the gadget

Surely many people will find this device very useful in situations where you need to unlock the door remotely. Also, it will help in the dark: you will not need to illuminate the lock with a flashlight to insert the key, because you can just pull a smartphone and open the door by pressing the button.

Control from Phone

Price and date of sale

The start of the sale is planned for May 2016. We hope that this clever gadget will appear in our market by that date. Price is estimated at about $130.

Links to sources

If you are seriously interested in this product, you can learn about its features and promotion in more detail on the official website of the developer (in Japanese). 

Smart passkey for Android: Video

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