In this topic, we will describe the procedure of Bluetooth configuration on the Android device for users who have recently purchased such a device. We will tell you about how to set the name of the smartphone, activate the visibility for other devices, set the rights to connect to your device and discuss the energy conservation.


Activating the settings menu

To start setting up the Bluetooth in Android, you need to turn on the wireless communication module; otherwise the access to settings will be hidden. To perform this procedure, do the following:

  1. Go to the settings of the device.


  2. Tap «Bluetooth».

    Tap Bluetooth

  3. To turn on Bluetooth, you need to move the slider at the top right. If these steps were completed successfully, you will see a list of all found devices and access to their settings.

    Bluetooth On

    List of all found devices

Setting up the name

In this part of our article, we will show the procedure of changing the name of the smartphone. This name will be seen by the rest of devices that will send or receive information from you.

  1. After activating the module, you must open the "Options" menu to display the advanced settings of the Bluetooth on Android.
  2. Next, select "Edit phone name".

    Edit phone name

  3. Enter the name of your device in the box.

    Enter the name

  4. To accept settings, press "Save".

Note: this name will also be displayed on your PC when your device will be connected to it via USB or Wi-Fi network, and in the Google Account.

Visibility control

The next step is to set the permission to discover your phone.

  1. In the main window of the wireless module settings it is necessary to check the box next to the name you came up with.


After that, you'll see a countdown timer at the bottom. At the end of the timer, the checkmark will become inactive automatically, and, if desired, you will need to manually re-enable it to make your device visible again.

But you can set the duration of the timer, or turn it off completely, so that your device always remains visible to others, when you have a Bluetooth enabled. To do this, do the following:

  1. Click "Options".
  2. Click on "Time of visibility" or "Visibility timeout".

    Visibility timeout

  3. Select the desired interval for you (2, 5 or 60 minutes), or select "Never time out".

Connected devices control

There are individual settings for each device that has ever been in conjunction with your device. To activate the settings on a particular device, it is necessary to do the following:

  1. Tap the gear icon next to the name of one of the devices. 

    Device Settings

Depending on the device type, the setting options may be different; we will show the most frequently used.

"Edit device name" – the item allows you to change the name of the device, which is displayed only on your device. That is, no matter how it was originally named, you can write any name that you want to see on your screen when pairing with this device.

Edit device name

"Connection access" – this option changes the permission to connect to the selected device ("with request" or "automatically" (without request)). It is very convenient to put the second option, when you often pair with a trusted device.

Connection access

"Internet access" – this item should be activated when there is a need to use a third-party selected device as a Bluetooth wireless Internet modem.

Internet access

"Call audio" – when you connect a wireless headset, this item changes the permission to broadcast calls through the speaker.

Call audio

"Media audio» – this item is available when there is stereo headset or wireless stereo speakers connected. It allows broadcasting absolutely all the sounds from the device to a connected device (sound from the video player, games, music, system sounds, etc.).

Media audio

Received files viewing

There is a window to view the files that were previously received by you. To get to it, do the following:

  1. In the main window of the wireless module interface, click "Options".
  2. Select "Show received files" to display a list.

Show received files

In this window, you can view the received files, or if they are no longer available on the device, you can see their name, size and date of receiving. This list can be cleaned, if desired, by clicking "Options" and selecting "Clear all history".

Clear all history

Bluetooth setting on Android: Video

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